Meadowbrook Farm Preserve
Frequently Asked Questions
  What can I do at Meadowbrook?
MB is public open space available dawn to dusk for hiking, bicycling, dog-walking, model airplane flying, wildlife viewing and other passive recreation activities. The Interpretive Center building is open by appointment and available for classes and special events. Certain fields may at times be reserved/rented for public or private events; please respect private activities. Other fields (see map "Green Chop Fields") may be reserved for hay production, with only the perimeter trails available for public use. Camping, campfires, motorized vehicles, manned aircraft and fireworks are not permitted. Dogs must be under leash or voice control; please pick up after your dog. Hunting and bothering wildlife is not allowed. Please park in designated areas, and do not drive onto fields.
  How can I reserve Meadowbrook?
The Interpretive Center building and fields may be rented by contacting Si View Metro Parks at 425.831.1900 or . Depending on your plans, special event permits may additionally be required from Snoqualmie and/or North Bend. Non-profit rates are available.
  Must I reserve Meadowbrook?
No, groups may organize activities on the Meadowbrook fields if they wish. Fields under contract for hay production may not be used, and public/private rental events have priority on the areas they have reserved. The rental schedule is available by contacting Si View Parks at 425 831 1900.
  May I use Meadowbrook for my Wedding or Special Event?
Yes, the Interpretive Center and certain fields are available to rent for your very special occasions! Please contact Si View Metro Parks at 425.831.1900 or . Find more information on our wedding page!
  May I fly planes at Meadowbrook?
Yes, model planes may be flown at Meadowbrook. Manned aircraft (such as ultra-lights and hang-gliding) are not allowed. Please respect private events and wildlife!
  May I train/exercise/walk dogs at Meadowbrook?
Yes, dog activities are allowed at Meadowbrook. Dogs should be on leash, or under voice control at all times. Please pick up after your dog. Please park in designated areas and do not drive on fields. Do not let dogs bother wildlife. Elk, in particular, may be dangerous to dogs, especially in the fall mating season. Please respect private events, and other dog owners. Please remove all equipment (dummies, tracking stakes, etc.) from the fields. Remember, Meadowbrook is unfenced, and adjacent to busy roads!
  May I Ride/Drive My Horse at Meadowbrook?
Yes, horse activities are allowed at Meadowbrook. Please park at designated places, and do not drive motor vehicles on fields. Certain fields are reserved for hay production, and others may be reserved on occasion for special events; find out the schedule at Si View Parks, 425 831 1900. The perimeter trails are always available for public use. Be cautious of wildlife, especially elk, and rough terrain with mole-hills. The trail bridges may be slick and dangerous for horses.
  Why are some fields "closed"?
Mowing maintains the open meadows on Meadowbrook Farm. To accomplish this economically and support local farms, some fields are contracted to local farmers for hay and haylage production. Walking and playing in these fields will damage the crops and make them difficult to mow. The "Greenchop Fields" are presently reserved for hay production. Remember that the perimeter trails around the fields are always open for public use.
  May I camp at Meadowbrook?
Overnight camping may be allowed in conjunction with special events held on-site. A special event permit may be required from the relevant city, and restrictions on fires and alcohol may apply. Get more information from Si View Parks at 425 831 1900.
  Lost and Found at Meadowbrook!
If your have lost an item at Meadowbrook, please contact Si View Parks at 425 831 1900, and email us at and at . Found items will be taken to the Si View Parks office in North Bend.