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Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive Center building

The Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive Center building is the perfect venue for your special event! Surrounded by lawn and fields, with stunning Mt Si views, the building accommodates 75 people seated indoors. Large sliding doors open on both sides to allow views or outdoor access if desired. A loft and smaller room provide flexibility for study sessions or preparations, and our corner gas "wood stove" gives a warm ambiance.

The building has two restrooms and a small kitchenette with sink and refrigerator. The Interpretive Center is surrounded by approximately 1 acre of lawn.

Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive Center building
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Recreational Field

The adjacent Recreational Field is 15 acres of farm field suitable for outdoor events such as re-enactments, fairs, outdoor sports, kite flying, dog events, orienteering, etc.

Although not a lawn, this field is mowed regularly to be kept shorter than our other fields, and may be mowed especially for an event by separate arrangement. This field may be reserved with or without the Interpretive Center building. Field parking is used for cars.

Wildflowers at Meadowbrook
Recreational Field

Other Areas

Other areas of Meadowbrook Farm may also be reserved seasonally depending on agricultural and habitat use. Please inquire to discuss your specific ideas. City special event permits may be required for larger events.

Reserve Meadowbrook

Reservation / Rental Details

Reservations for the Interpretive Center building and/or the Recreational Field may be made with the Si View Metropolitan Park District, PO Box 346, North Bend, WA, 98045.

View the Si View Park website at Si View Metro Parks for rental information, rates and reservations for your event at Meadowbrook Farm.

Si View Park contact information for reservations:
Phone: 425.831.1900
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Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm

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Use Guidelines

Please park in designated areas only. Camping, campfires, motor vehicles, and fireworks are not permitted except as part of specific scheduled events. Dogs must be on leash or voice control; please pick up after your dog. Hunting is not allowed on Meadowbrook Farm; please do not approach or bother wildlife.

Please note

Some fields may be leased for farming use and not available for recreational use. Please see the home page for more information.