Meadowbrook Farm Preserve
Meadowbrook Farm Preserve
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The Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association

The MFPA is a Washington 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation which manages the Meadowbrook Farm historic public open space.

Our mission

Our mission as stewards of Meadowbrook Farm is to guide the uses of these lands in a way that preserves and enhances their scenic, historic and agricultural assets, while providing public education and recreational opportunities.

Girl Scouts with Refurbished Sign
Girl Scouts with Refurbished Sign

Join Us!

Join the Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association, and be part of the stewardship of this special land! The MFPA is a Washington 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Your contribution is tax deductible, and will be used to maintain Meadowbrook Farm as historic public open space. Members will receive our biannual electronic newsletter with information about the park's history, flora, fauna, and seasonal activities. Help us maintain and enhance Meadowbrook Farm!

field harrow
6' rototiller
8-12" auger for a three-point hitch
weather resistant patio furniture

Board Members

Steve MullenMoses
Snoqualmie Tribe
Mary Norton (Pres)
Snoq. Valley Historical Society
Amy Brockhaus
Mountains to Sound Greenway
David Kimmett
King County
Mike McCarty
City of North Bend
Sam Metzler
Citizen At Large
School District #410
Jessica Fischer
Si View Metropolitan Parks Dist.
Dave Olson
Citizen At Large
Mark Hofman
City of Snoqualmie
Tim Noonan (Treasurer)
Citizen At Large
Dave Battey (Secty)
City of Snoqualmie - Citizen
Ron Crouch
City of North Bend -citizen
Ryan Kolodejchuk
Citizen At Large
Kelly Heintz
King County

The MFPA is interested in additional board members, particularly those with an educational, publicity, or grant-writing background. We are also interested in a student/youth member.