Meadowbrook Farm Preserve
Trails at Meadowbrook!

The trail system at Meadowbrook Farm offers visitors exciting opportunities to see open meadows with possible soaring hawks, grazing elk, or stealthy coyote, as well as intimate, shady woodlands, and rich wetlands. Some trails are complete, and others are merely mowed paths awaiting future improvement-and some are best suited for the dry weather months. Dress appropriately for the weather, and bring binoculars! Our favorite walks include . .

Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive Center
to Centennial Fields Park

This paved, flat trail runs along the edge of Meadowbrook's Recreation field near Boalch Avenue in North Bend, crosses a grassy wetland via boardwalk, and goes by the Greenchop Fields along Park Avenue in Snoqualmie. Watch for elk in the open fields! The trail is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. Restrooms are available at Centennial Fields Park. Parking is available at the Meadowbrook Interpretive Center or Centennial Fields Park.

The round trip is approximately 1.5 miles.

Boardwalk at Meadowbrook

Trail to the Big Cedar

This gravel and woods trail is a two mile roundtrip walk, best in summer/fall. Park on the street by the North Bend Library. Walk over one block north to the King County Snoqualmie Valley Trail. Walk toward Snoqualmie on the trail, over three bridges. First is the bridge over the South Fork of the Snoqualmie, second is over a small stream, third is over a small stream. About 200 paces from the end of the third bridge, begin scanning the right side of the KC trail for a short vertical creosoted post about eight inches in diameter and less than a foot high. This marks the beginning of the trail and a steep incline from the KC trail. Follow the trail until it makes a 90° turn to the left. You are now walking parallel with the South Fork. Continue until you come to a clearing with a small creek blocking the trail. Find the small beaver dam and use it as a bridge over the creek. Continue for a long way until you see a well–traveled trail to the right. Turn right for several hundred feet and you should see the Big Cedar with the trailside sporting wood rounds for seating. The Big Cedar is 9 ½ feet in diameter and approximately 500 years old.

This gravel and woods trail is a two mile roundtrip walk, best in summer/fall.

Big Cedar at Meadowbrook
Big Cedar at Meadowbrook

Mary Louie Art Installation

Beginning at the Dike Road information kiosk (Boalch Avenue near the North Bend/Snoqualmie city boundary), this short, flat, informal, all-weather unpaved trail leads through the woods to a hidden meadow with views of Mount Si, and the beautiful art installation commemorating early Snoqualmie medicine woman Mary Louie. Sit at the watching place and contemplate the mountain, the seasons, and the long history of people and this land. Park at the Dike Road Kiosk gravel pullout, and cross Boalch Avenue to start.

Round trip is .25 miles. Read more about this installation.

Mary Louie Art Installation
Mary Louie Art Installation

Dike Road Loop Trail

This informal, unimproved path creates a loop between the Dike Road information kiosk near the North Bend/Snoqualmie city boundary and the Meadowbrook Interpretive Center, but the unimproved eastern end can be muddy in winter (look for beaver dams along Gardiner Creek!) Park at the Dike Road information kiosk gravel pullout, and cross Boalch Avenue to start. Enjoy the Mary Louie art installation as you emerge onto the meadow. Follow the grassy path along the edge of the woods, then follow along Gardiner Creek to the wetter, eastern meadow, and emerge at the Meadowbrook Interpretive Center. Follow the paved path back to the Dike Road kiosk. Note: a native plant identification trail is planned for this loop soon!

Round trip is approximately .75 miles. (Full loop best traveled in summer/fall weather)

Model Airplanes at Meadowbrook
Dike Road leading into mowed field

Meadow Loop Trail

Beginning at the Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive Center and traversing much of Meadowbrook Farm, this trail is initially gravel, then grassy, and returns to the Interpretive Center via the paved trail along Park Street and Boalch Avenue. Park at the Interpretive Center, and follow the gravel trail south along the edge of the woods towards SR202. Pause to enjoy the sweeping views of Mount Si! After the meadows, enter the woods, and cross the bridge. (This is the end of the improved trail.) Continue on the path (muddy in winter; many elk tracks!) and emerge (go quietly and watch for elk!) into the Camas Meadow. Continue on the grassy path across this meadow, and follow the farm road into the next field. Turn right (towards Mount Si), and follow the grassy path to the paved trail along Park Street at Centennial Fields; continue on this to return to the Interpretive Center. Restrooms available at Centennial Fields Park.

Round trip approximately 2.25 miles; good all year, but boots advised in winter!

Gravel Trail

Coming soon!

A trail bridge to connect the Dike Road Trail to the King County Regional Snoqualmie Valley Trail is in the permitting stage. Watch for it, with more trails to explore soon!

Use Guidelines

Please park in designated areas only. Camping, campfires, motor vehicles, and fireworks are not permitted except as part of specific scheduled events. Dogs must be on leash or voice control; please pick up after your dog. Hunting is not allowed on Meadowbrook Farm; please do not approach or bother wildlife.