Meadowbrook Farm Preserve
Visit Meadowbrook!

Meadowbrook Farm's mission encompasses historic interpretation, wildlife habitat, ongoing agriculture, public recreation, and a community gathering place-making each visit to Meadowbrook a special experience with unexpected surprises. Whether you come to walk on a trail route thousands of years old, track wildlife, or find a geocache, Meadowbrook Farm has something to delight everyone.


Meadowbrook Farm's past included the original pathway that went from Puget Sound across Snoqualmie Pass to eastern Washington, used by Native Americans for thousands of years. Meadowbrook's future includes an extensive trail system, including this same path, and also traversing forests and fields, with connections to Snoqualmie Middle School, Snoqualmie's Centennial Fields Park, and King County's Snoqualmie Valley Trail. A paved segment beginning at Centennial Fields extends eastward towards North Bend.

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Girl Scouts on a trip to the Big Cedar
Hike to the Big Cedar!

Wildlife Viewing and Native Flora

Bring your binoculars and camera! Any visit to Meadowbrook usually includes wildlife, whether it is a soaring red-tailed hawk, hardworking harrier, lounging Canadian geese, hunting coyote, or members of the resident elk herd. Early morning and late evening are generally the best times to view elk (from a distance, please!), but tracks and signs of wildlife are abundant anytime. Please use caution and do not approach wildlife, particularly elk during the fall mating season.

Wildflowers at Meadowbrook
Wildflowers at Meadowbrook Farm

Interpretive Center

Meadowbrook Farm's Interpretive Center is a beautiful new building that combines elements of the cedar-sided Native American longhouses and sturdy pioneer barns that once stood on this land. Designed by Fall City architect Pat Fels, the Interpretive Center provides a versatile all-weather site for classes, meetings and special events, and houses an exhibit of historic photos from Meadowbrook Farm's past. Come for a class, dance or celebration. Or, with its unique setting and stunning views, the Meadowbrook Interpretive Center may be the perfect venue for your next event! The Interpretive Center building may be reserved by calling Si View Parks at 425.831.1900.

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Meadowbrook Interpretive Center
The Interpretive Center

Community Gathering Places

Meadowbrook Farm's open fields adjacent the trail across Snoqualmie Pass have been the place Native peoples gathered for hundreds of years to trade, play games and celebrate. You can, too! The large field adjacent to the Interpretive Center building is a wonderful place for large events: kite flying, children's games, re-enactments, and other celebrations. Enjoy the field on your own, come to a local event such as Mountains to Sound Greenway Days, or reserve the field and plan your own occasion!

Model Airplanes at Meadowbrook
Flying Model Airplanes at Meadowbrook

Agriculture and Farming

Hunters, gatherers and farmers have kept Meadowbrook Farm's fields and meadows open for centuries, first by burning the land periodically, and more recently by farming. Today, agreements with local farmers to grow crops on some of the public open space allows cost-effective mowing of other fields, keeping encroaching invasive plants at bay. Some crops may be damaged by visitors; please keep to the edges of fields under cultivation, and do not touch farm machinery. Long ago, Meadowbrook was the world's largest hops farm. Some hop vines survive today on trees and hedgerows.

Horse Drawn Plow


Imagine the upper Snoqualmie Valley floor as a vast, open prairie! Meadowbrook Farm's open fields are among the last remnants of that carefully maintained hunting and gathering prairie, now thousands of years old. Each field, bounded by old ox-bow river channels, is different. Explore the Scout Meadow to enjoy a place almost untouched by the 20th century, or visit the Camas Meadow in spring to see if you can find camas or wild onion. Watch the seasons change as you view Mount Si across the Central Meadow.


Use Guidelines

Please park in designated areas only. Camping, campfires, motor vehicles, and fireworks are not permitted except as part of specific scheduled events. Dogs must be on leash or voice control; please pick up after your dog. Hunting is not allowed on Meadowbrook Farm; please do not approach or bother wildlife.

Please note

Some fields may be leased for farming use and not available for recreational use. Please see the home page for more information.