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Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm
  • Weddings at Meadowbrook Farm

Reservations for the Interpretive Center building and/or the Recreational Field may be made with the Si View Metropolitan Park District, PO Box 346, North Bend, WA, 98045. View the Si View Park website at Si View Metro Parks to complete a facility rental form for your event at Meadowbrook Farm. Review the FAQs below as many of your questions may be answered there.

Meadowbrook Farm Rental Information

2024 Meadowbrook Rental Fees

2025 Meadowbrook Rental Fee

Si View Park contact information for reservations:
Phone: 425.831.1900
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Meadowbrook Farm

Meadowbrook Interpretive Center floor plans

Download Interpretive Center floor plan
(includes information regarding tables/chairs)

Use Guidelines

Please park in designated areas only. Camping, campfires, motor vehicles, and fireworks are not permitted except as part of specific scheduled events. Dogs must be on leash or voice control; please pick up after your dog. Hunting is not allowed on Meadowbrook Farm; please do not approach or bother wildlife.

Please note

Some fields may be leased for farming use and not available for recreational use. Please see the home page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You may also download the FAQs here.
  How do I reserve space at Meadowbrook Farm?
To reserve space at Meadowbrook Farm please complete the Facility Request Form, available at Si View Metro Parks. Weekend/non-business day rentals must be received at least two weeks in advance.
  Are the damage deposits refundable?
Yes! As long as all rules are followed, no damage occurs and the event ends on time, renter will receive full deposit back within 2-4 weeks in the same form it was originally paid.
  Is there equipment available for use with my rental?
Yes. Tables and chairs are included with your rental. Meadowbrook has a total of 120 chairs, eight 5ft round tables and eight 6ft rectangle tables. No linens are provided.
  Can I play music at my rental?
Of course! However, city ordinance requires all music done by 10pm.
  Can I serve alcohol at my event?
Yes. We do allow alcohol for certain events at Meadowbrook Farm. Alcohol is restricted to beer, wine and champagne. Kegs are not allowed. If interested in serving alcohol an Alcohol Beverage Request Form must be completed and approved by the rental coordinator and Executive Director. Form is available at A Banquet Permit must be obtained from the Liquor Control Board. Groups interested at selling alcohol at their event must apply for a Special Occasion License from the Liquor Control Board and follow all required rules/regulations. Alcohol service must end one hour before your scheduled rental ending time. Please note field events are not allowed to serve alcohol without a fully enclosed beer garden.
  Am I required to purchase event insurance?
Possibly. This will depend on your event. Most events are required to purchase insurance, and all events serving alcohol are required to. When purchasing insurance, renter must provide Si View Metro Parks, Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association, City of North Bend and City of Snoqualmie with an additional insured certificate. Insurance is required in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. Liquor Liability must be included with events serving alcohol.
  Can I have decorations at my event?
Yes, with some restrictions. There is no use of adhesives, push pins or nails of any kind on the floors, walls or doors. Table top and free standing decorations work great! Candle use is regulated by Eastside Fire and Rescue and ONLY floating candles are allowed. Optional decorative lighting package may be purchased with Interpretive Center rentals.
  Do I have to clean the facility after my use?
Yes, unless a clean-up package is purchased in advance. Cleaning responsibilities include take down and storing of all tables/chairs, sweeping/mopping the rooms used and cleaning any marks off walls/doors/mirrors, and taking out the garbage. For a complete list of requirements please contact the rental coordinator. Additional staff time required for any cleaning will be charged to the renter and deducted from the damage deposit. Clean-up time must be included in the rental time.
  What is the fee of staying past my scheduled rental time?
If a group goes over their scheduled time then an additional fee will be charged to the renter at double the rental rate. This fee will be deducted from the damage deposit.
  What is included in the cleanup package?
If you don't want to worry about cleaning up after your event then this is for you! The clean-up package must be added on at least one month before the event. For a rental to be eligible for the cleanup package their event must end no later than 11pm. Renters opting for the clean-up package are required to have all decorations down, tables cleared, personal belongings and guests out of the facility by the scheduled end time. Si View staff will then proceed with facility clean-up. Please note the cleanup package includes clean up INSIDE the interpretive center. All equipment set up outside must be returned inside by the renter.
  Can I come in early to start setting up?
No. Your rental time starts at your scheduled time, if you purchased the set-up package then Si View staff will have the room set (tables/chairs) by your start time. No early entrance is allowed. Renters starting early will be charged double the rental rate for hours not included in the rental contract.
  What is included in the set up package?
The set-up package must be added to your rental a minimum of one month before the event, and is available only if the room is available prior to your scheduled start time. The set-up package includes set-up of MEADOWBROOK owned tables/chairs only. No decorating or set-up of rented tables/chairs is included. A detailed floor plan is due to the rental coordinator two weeks prior to the event. The set up package is for the initial set up of INSIDE the building. Exterior set up is the responsibility of the renter. The set up package also does not include the moving of and tables/chairs throughout the rental.
  Can I have rental items delivered to Meadowbrook?
Yes. We know that groups will sometimes need to rent additional items that can be delivered directly to Meadowbrook, but must be delivered during the rental time. Si View staff cannot sign for any deliveries. No items can be stored at Meadowbrook overnight.
  How does parking work?
It is the renter's responsibility to keep the parking areas clean and organized. Please contact the rental coordinator if you need assistance in developing a parking plan.
  Can I have tents at my event?
Yes! However, tents over 400sqft are required to have an additional permit through the City of North Bend. It is the renter's responsibility to obtain this permit.
  Can we camp overnight at our event?
Possibly! Overnight camping is not allowed in any park without a Special Event Permit from the City of North Bend.
  Can we have fires at our event?
Possibly! Fires are regulated by Eastside Fire and Rescue, if a fire is permitted through the rental coordinator then an additional permit must be acquired through Eastside Fire and Rescue. It is the renter's responsibility to obtain these permits.
  What happens if I need to cancel?
Rental cancellations will result in a cancellation fee of $25 per reserved room/date or 50% of the rental fee, whichever is less when more than a 2 month notice is given. Cancellations made between 2 months and 2 weeks prior to the rental date will result in a cancellation fee of $25 per reserved room/date or 50% of the rental fees, whichever is more. Rental cancellations made with less than a 2 week notice will not be refunded. Large event rentals, please contact Rental Coordinator for cancellation policy.
  Can I change the hours of my event?
Of course, however reduction of hours will not be refunded if requested with less than a 2 week notice.
  Do I have to rent the field for my event?
Possibly. Groups over 75 guests are required to rent the recreation field for additional parking. Groups under 75 can rent the field if they would like to guarantee its use for them. Please note renters are required to keep parking organized and in the designated area.

More questions? Please contact us at (425) 831-1900 or